Knitting on!

Last week life returned to normal and for most of the week my view was very much like this........ 

or like this.  

I'm not complaining as this is life as I love it best - the making. I was working on a private commission for a lady who had specific colours in mind and I enjoyed the challenge of making the colours work together in a way that appealed to me too.  I finished this wrap on Wednesday and tried really hard to photograph the finished piece 'on me' but the selfie style photos in front of the mirror just didn't do it justice so I'll have to make do with these work in progress shots. 

In other news having had little opportunity to make it out into the garden due to the heavy downpours, everything has grown enormously in just the past week! The self sown fox gloves are almost on their way out now but still provide lovely accents of colour and the dark leaves of the Sambucus Nigra showcase the delicate flowers so beautifully.  

No shortage of colour inspiration for the forthcoming weeks!